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  1. Apply here. We're looking for entrepreneurs who legitimately need help with a problem, make their living from their business, and are prepared to be open, honest, vulnerable and REAL.
  2. We contact you to get additional details, schedule your session, then dive into PREPARATION, creating a SWOT analysis with lots of innovative ways to solve your problem and grow your business.
  3. We record your strategy session with Steve Faktor - you get no-BS advice Steve's clients pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for - from startups to major brands, like American Express, Hallmark, Intel and Samsung.
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  5. If you'd like our help beyond the session (ongoing strategic advice, help with products and services, business plan prep, introductions to our network of corporate partners, customers, distributors or investors) we'll be happy to discuss an arrangement, as long as we believe we can help.

Think of GrowthFaktory as a no bullshit MBA for business owners.

Each week on our podcast, author and innovator Steve Faktor will feature a real entrepreneur with a real business challenge and help them solve it. The best part is - you get to eavesdrop on the whole conversation. We’ll cover everything from: how to come up with a great idea, find customers, hire great employees, and secure business partnerships.

We’ll go deep into the psychology of what it takes to succeed - and help tap into your inner purpose. Do it well, and purpose will transform your business into a religion - and your customers into disciples.

Our goal is simple: to help entrepreneurs succeed. To provide better tools, financing options, networking opportunities, and powerful advice that drives growth.

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Look forward to you joining us, it’ll be a great ride!


Steve Faktor is a world renown growth strategist, best-selling author, and LinkedIn Influencer. He is regularly featured in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, NPR, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Radio, MSNBC, among others.

Steve’s mission is to expose the raw truth behind economic, tech & cultural trends - and help companies of all sizes swiftly capitalize. He’s a zealous advocate for small businesses and has advised/invested in dozens of startups and small businesses. He launched to help business owners overcome the strategic, operational, and personal challenges of entrepreneurship.

Steve also hosts The McFuture Podcast, a provocative, funny exploration of where economics, tech, and culture are taking us. The show has featured guests like Larry King, Nobel Prize Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz, Governor Jesse Ventura, and numerous bestselling authors and CEO's.

Steve is also a recovering Fortune 100 Executive. He was the head of the American Express Chairman’s Innovation Fund, Senior Vice President at Citi Ventures, and VP of Strategy & Innovation at MasterCard, launching numerous successful loyalty, payments, and e-commerce businesses.