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Don't Build A Business, Build A Religion

The Fortune 500 was only 35% of our economy in 1955. Now it's 72%! Small business is being squeezed out of existence. At the same time, consumers now crave something far beyond products and services. They crave meaning.

In this interactive workshop, Steve Faktor (Fortune 100 growth strategist, bestselling author, Forbes contributor, and LinkedIn Influencer) will:

  • Explain why customers have a newfound emptiness - and expect businesses to fill it.
  • Reveal the secret advantage small businesses have to sell meaning – and why big corporations can’t.
  • Explore successful case studies and how to use this immense power to drive extraordinary growth and profit in your business.
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Steve Faktor is a world renown growth strategist, best-selling author, and LinkedIn Influencer. He is regularly featured in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, NPR, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Radio, MSNBC, among others.

Steve’s mission is to expose the raw truth behind economic, tech & cultural trends - and help companies of all sizes swiftly capitalize. He’s a zealous advocate for small businesses and has advised/invested in dozens of startups and small businesses. He launched GrowthFaktory.com to help business owners overcome the strategic, operational, and personal challenges of entrepreneurship.

Steve also hosts The McFuture Podcast, a provocative, funny exploration of where economics, tech, and culture are taking us. The show has featured guests like Larry King, Nobel Prize Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz, Governor Jesse Ventura, and numerous bestselling authors and CEO's.

Steve is also a recovering Fortune 100 Executive. He was the head of the American Express Chairman’s Innovation Fund, Senior Vice President at Citi Ventures, and VP of Strategy & Innovation at MasterCard, launching numerous successful loyalty, payments, and e-commerce businesses.